FAB Skin Routine for Dry Skin

FAB Skin Routine for Dry Skin

Posted on 28 Jul, 2020

Dry skin is quite common and usually is not a serious condition. For most people, there are many treatments and skin care routines that will help to increase hydration and improve the appearance of dry skin.

When your skin is dry, it is less able to protect itself from the environment. Tiny cracks in the skin may interfere with its hydration. Though many experience dry skin year round, most find the winter months to be more severe. By following a dry skin care routine, we can help you achieve smooth, hydrated skin from January to December.

Morning Routine for Dry Skin

When beginning the day in the morning, your routine should focus on protecting your skin from the sun and other environmental pollutants. A variety of products will help you to cleanse, moisturize and protect your skin from these harmful external factors.

Choosing a Cleanser

Look for a dry skin cleanser that is gentle and hydrating versus one that might irritate your skin or strip it of its moisture. Pure Skin Face Cleanser is as gentle as it is effective at removing makeup, dirt and grime. This non-stripping, pH-balanced formula helps maintain skin’s natural acidity and reduces flair-ups while thoroughly cleaning your pores.


To get that deep down clean, the next step your dry skin routine is exfoliation. Exfoliation helps to combat dullness, large pores, uneven skin tones and uneven texture. Facial Radiance Pads are a convenient daily treatment that contains just the right amount of Lactic and Glycolic Acids to safely and effectively exfoliate, tone, and brighten all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin.

Next, you want to add a quality serum. Serums are concentrated ingredients, so their effects are quite powerful. Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum is our universal serum that gives skin its daily dose of moisture resulting in soft, smooth, youthful-looking skin. Dry skin types find that this hydrating gel instantly infuses skin with essential hydration to help plump and seal in moisture.

Day Moisturizer

Prep your skin in the morning for the day ahead with a head-to-toe hydrating moisturizer. Our award winning Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration is the perfect solution. The formulation is made with powerful ingredients, including colloidal oatmeal, shea butter and a blend of natural antioxidant, to give dry skin the hydration it needs and is even suitable for sensitive skin. The beautiful, whipped texture is instantly absorbed with no greasy after-feel.


Protecting your skin from the sun’s powerful rays is critical to caring for dry skin.

We also get rave reviews when our customers go makeup-less with our popular Ultra Repair Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 . This 2-in-1 product allows our customers to protect their skin from the sun and lock in moisture at the same time.

Night routine for dry skin

Night is the optimal time to focus your dry skin routine on repair. While you sleep, your body repairs itself, and this includes your skin cells.

Cleanser for Night

After a full day of work, life and whatever else you have been through, it is important to once again clean your skin. Pure Skin Face Cleanser leaves skin soft and supple before a good night’s sleep. The sumptuous, creamy texture never leaves skin feeling tight or dry.


For an extra dose of hydration post-cleansing, apply our alcohol free Ultra Repair Wild Oat Hydrating Toner to hydrate and balance your skin. Oat milk, colloidal oatmeal and wild oats are combined with Honey and Hyaluronic Acid to help soothe, relieve redness and hydrate. Skin is left plump and prepped to absorb oils, serums or moisturizers.


serum, it is best to do use at night when your skin has a chance to adjust and incorporate the potent ingredients. FAB Skin Lab Retinol Serum 0.25% Pure Concentrate is a great retinol for beginners and those with dry or sensitive skin. The 0.25% concentration of pure Retinol in the formula is balanced with First Aid Beauty’s proprietary Skin Saver Complex to deliver the benefits of Retinol with minimal irritation. The Skin Saver Complex is comprised of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins C + E, Aloe, Colloidal Oatmeal, Allantoin and Ceramides that together help comfort, nourish and support skin health. The result is an all over more youthful and healthy-looking complexion.

Night Moisturizer

If ever there is a great time to give your skin some extra moisture it is at night while you are sleeping. Moisturizing at night gives skin time to soak in the benefits and work its hydration magic. Dry skin tends to have great results with thicker moisturizers like Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream . A rich, buttery night cream is just what dry skin needs to help moisturize overnight for smoother-looking, hydrated skin. This super-charged blend helps visibly combat the appearance of aging during skin’s nightly repair phase. When applied nightly before bedtime, customers wake up to a moisturized complexion with a firmer and smoother appearance.

Optional Face Mask

Many people would not think to include face masks as part of a dry skin routine, but our FAB Pharma Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask is specifically made for stressed-out, dry and irritated skin. This mask can be used twice a week as a final step in a dry skin routine. The star ingredient Arnica, said to have healing and anti-inflammatory properties, helps soothe and smooth skin. Use this FAB product as a final step, which can be wiped off or allowed to penetrate overnight. Skin appears soft, supple and dewy after just one use. Use this creamy, calming mask when you want an extra boost to nourish, repair and strengthen dry skin.

By protecting, cleaning , moisturizing and renewing your skin day and night you can help maintain the beautiful skin you're in. The above mentioned products in our Day and Night dry skin routine have had great results for thousands of our customers. Caring for dry skin means protecting it during the day, and then using quality products that help renew and rejuvenate while you sleep at night. After all, “beauty rest” really is a thing.