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First Aid Beauty Founder & Ceo
Growing up, I idolized my grandmother and her five sisters who epitomized natural beauty. The Damsky sisters, as they were fondly referred to, were envied for their great legs and perfect skin: even-toned, smooth, dewy and plump. Of course, they had some fine lines and wrinkles, but the glow of their naturally healthy skin outshined these “flaws”. I learned at a young age that beautiful skin wasn’t necessarily wrinkle-free, something that has inspired me for decades.
In my teens, I realized that I had sensitive skin – prone to dryness, redness and bouts of eczema. My quest for skincare that wouldn’t upset my skin would take me everywhere. Drugstore products sometimes offered relief but felt more like medicine than beauty, while pricy prestige products focused on antiaging rather than helping restore skin to its healthy state. And most products were made with ingredients that I didn’t want to put on my face.
First Aid Beauty Founder Story
First Aid Beauty Story
Years later, with a background in beauty and business, I created First Aid Beauty, the skincare collection of my dreams that would maximize skin health and resilience through efficacious, sensitive skin-friendly, problem-solving products that were also enjoyable to use and made with clean ingredients. I put the beauty into first aid for skin, and I have to admit, my own skin has never been happier.
First Aid Beauty Founder Story
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